Search for words with the word search function:

The search function shown above offers various filter and search options. You can use the "Search word" field to search for specific words or specific words that contain the word you entered.The "Starts with" field allows you to search for words that begin with a specific sequence of letters.

The "Ends with" field shows you all the words that end with the sequence of letters you type.

The field "Contains" allows you to find all words that contain certain letters (at any position).

The "Pattern" field allows you to search for words where you leave certain letters open as wildcards. The wildcards are entered with an underscore (_). Example: When searching for "CI_Y", search for a 4 letter word where the first letter is "C", the second letter is "I", the third letter is left open and the fourth letter is "Y". In this example, the search will find the word "CITY" for you.

Note: The individual filter functions can also be combined. For example, you can search for a word that begins with "ELF" and ends with "T".